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What's in the Complete System
authentic and classwork-based

See it Right!® is a Four Step diagnostic process.
(uses the student's own work and classroom materials)

Learn the complete system and be prepared to use it with your students. Learn to use color with this system by reading the complete step-by-step assessment manuals.

REVIEW WORK. Find out what to look for in your students' work. For example, the meaning of reversals, writing and fluency problems.
INTERVIEW. You will learn what questions to ask to find out what your student is seeing.
COLOR TESTING. Find the color(s) which filters out offending light and allows your student to see clearly and accurately. Get rid of reversals and sequencing problems. Lots of new techniques developed for young children.
FOLLOW-UP. Provide the monitoring and support needed to insure the student's success. Specific training for the student in the use of his color. Letters in Spanish and English for parents are provided.


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