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See it Right!® uses colored overlays to solve visual perceptual problems caused by a sensitivity to light.


Student showing frustration with his inability to see the text on the page clearly and accurately. Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome is caused by a sensitivity to light which causes distortions to
be seen on the printed page.

Using color, the student is able to see more clearly, accurately and in comfort. He is more attentive and less frustrated.

See it Right!® provides materials to help you identify, assess and intervene with your students who are experiencing visual challenges.

Students Live With Dyslexia

"Color works really well with about half of the students with dyslexia" reported Vicky Wehner, the Coordinator of Disability Services at Truman State University in Missouri.

Visual Dyslexia

Here is an excerpt of an article by Dr. Marie Carbo:

Visual dyslexia is certainly not a new phenomenon. It's not a visual problem that can be helped with regular eyeglasses, and it affects people with a wide range of intellectual abilities, including those of great intelligence and talent.

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You can change text size or color
of background

Melissa BEFORE Color Addition

Numbers are in reverse
Melissa AFTER Color Addition

Numbers appear normal

Jaclyn reports that "words get mixed up" and much more. Hear what color does for her.    MORE

Acceptance in the U.S. Education System

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