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See it Right!® uses colored overlays to solve visual perceptual problems caused by a sensitivity to light.

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Students showing frustration with his inability to see the text on the page clearly and accurately. Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome is caused by a sensitivity to light which causes distortions to
be seen on the printed page.

Using color, the student is able to see more clearly, accurately and in comfort. He is more attentive and less frustrated.

See it Right!® provides materials to help you identify, assess and intervene with your students who are experiencing visual challenges.

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How Colored Overlays for Reading Can Help You Cope with Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a relatively common learning disorder that affects about 10% of the worldwide population. It causes the individual to have problems while reading and writing, which might have a negative effect on their daily life. People with this condition may experience visual distortions while attempting to read a text, which may appear in the form of blurriness, for example. Some research has found that color overlays for dyslexia may be effective when it comes to coping with these visual impairments.

At See It Right, we offer you the opportunity to give yourself or your child a chance to gain more control over this condition.While adults can still struggle with this condition, it is typically diagnosed during the individual's childhood. People with this condition may struggle to learn how to read written text properly due to difficulties with phonological processing. The good news is that research has advanced to a point where we have different ways of helping individuals who might be struggling with these symptoms. Color overlays for dyslexia happen to be an effective way of providing support for individuals with dyslexia, as it may help the person reduce the visual stress that the condition might be causing them. This might allow them to read more properly and improve their fluency in the long run.

Colored Overlays for Dyslexia - The See It Right Solution

See It Right has developed a solution for individuals who might be struggling with Dyslexia or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. The colors might allow individuals to see the text more clearly, allowing them to be more attentive to the content that is presented in front of them. Whether it is for your children or for your students, our color overlays for reading can be an excellent way to help them process the textual content that they might not be able to see properly .

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Overcoming visual challenges can be a tad difficult without the right resources, but See It Right is now here to help people cope with these struggles and make it easier for them to go about their lives, alleviate academic pressure, and improve their quality of life in different ways. We will provide you with a kit of materials that consists of colored plastic sheets that you will then use to help you identify and assess the problems that your children or students might be having when it comes to reading. A potential solution is now very accessible, thanks to See It Right.


complete assessment kit


See It Right: Effective Dyslexia Reading-Colored Overlays

We have been helping people and children across the USA for decades. If you haven't tried the See It Right solution yet, you're missing out on a lot! However, it's never too late to get started. Our kits come with a wide range of materials that you'll be able to use to find out what could work best with your children.We are available for you if you have any questions! Refer to our FAQ section below if you'd like to know more about See It Right



Students Live With Dyslexia

"Color works really well with about half of the students with dyslexia" reported Vicky Wehner, the Coordinator of Disability Services at Truman State University in Missouri.

Visual Dyslexia

Here is an excerpt of an article by Dr. Marie Carbo:

Visual dyslexia is certainly not a new phenomenon. It's not a visual problem that can be helped with regular eyeglasses, and it affects people with a wide range of intellectual abilities, including those of great intelligence and talent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What should I do if I suspect that my child might have dyslexia?

    You should take your child for proper testing as soon as you can if you suspect that they might be struggling with dyslexia. In the meantime, we also invite you to try out what See It Right has to offer!

  • 2. Is there any research to back up the use of colored overlays for reading?

      Yes, there is research available on this topic. The See It Right solution has been helping hundreds of kids improve their academic performance for several years now. You can take a look at the available research on this page.

  • 3. What are some of the benefits of color overlays for dyslexia?

    Color overlays for dyslexia are meant to reduce visual stress and improve reading comprehension. Upon using them, the person might be able to experience better text clarity.

  • 4. Are color overlays a permanent solution for dyslexia?

    Color overlays are not a permanent solution for dyslexia. You might be able to experience better effects while using them, along with the treatment recommended by a professional.

You can change text size or color
of background

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Melissa BEFORE Color Addition
Melissa Before
Numbers are in reverse
Melissa AFTER Color Addition
Numbers appear normal

Jaclyn reports that "words get mixed up" and much more. Hear what color does for her.    MORE


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