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"Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome is a perceptual dysfunction associated with the brain's ability to accurately process visual information. Looking through color may correct this difficulty by altering the timing by which the visual information is received and processed." This is the definition of Helen Irlen, founder of the Irlen Institute in Long Beach, CA, who prescribes colored glasses to remediate the problem.

There is currently another name that can be applied to the set of symptoms seen in this visual perceptual problem: PIVA — Photon Induced Visual Abnormality. This new theory by Michael C. Parker, a Professional Engineer in Illinois, is discussed and his paper is available in the "Research" section of this web site. This new theory posits that the problem is one of input and not processing. The conclusions of this researcher are consistent with what the author has seen in her years of research with children and with reports of the teachers she has worked with.

The author Dorothy Henson-Parker has worn colored lenses since 1988 with great success. The author consulted with Helen Irlen early in her research during the development of her specialized assessment for children. She has done research in different school districts with various educators from 1988 to present day, developing techniques that are especially helpful with young children. It is sometimes difficult to find out what the student is actually seeing, and these techniques make it easier.

The See it Right!® system uses only color on the page and can be done right in the classroom or reading lab, easily and with minimal cost! We hope to bring color to more children through those who work with them on a regular basis: the teachers and specialists at the school level.


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