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We have various training services available for your staff. Professional development training can be scheduled with individual schools, school districts, educational service areas or specialist groups such as Occupational Therapists, or Assistive Technology personnel. We also train staff from clinics working with struggling students.

There are 3 kinds of training we can provide:
Individual, Group assessment and Trainer of Trainers


Individual Assessment - one day training

We can train your whole staff at the same time in a 6-hour seminar. This training can be scheduled on an inservice day during the week or on Saturday, if desired. The goal of this workshop is to prepare your staff to assess students with visual-perceptual problems, and to intervene using color. How to monitor and follow up with the student and the parents is also covered. (If more than 40 staff members are to be trained, a second trainer may be needed.)



Group Screening - two day training

We have a group screening process which can be used to screen whole classrooms and/or special groups of students. The teacher of these students is trained in the process while working with the trainer. Usually a specialist from the school will also work with the team. To prepare for this, the trainer will meet with the team to outline what will happen and how the process will be carried out.

The trainer will come in the day before to meet with the team in the afternoon and prepare for the next day's screening. A follow-up meeting will also be held at the end of the school day to sum up and plan for follow-up.

You can do both of these, to be done at the same time, if you wish. Your staff can be trained to do the individual assessment and then a class can be screened using the group methods. (The group screening needs to be scheduled when the students are in school.) A possible schedule might be an individual assessment training on a Saturday and the group assessment on the following Tuesday and Wednesday.

It is preferable that your staff who will do group screening have some experience testing students individually prior to working with the group. Ideally it should include those members of your staff who have assessment and intervention responsibilities (Title I, Reading Coaches, Reading Specialists, Special Education staff, etc.) This is not absolutely necessary, however. Please call us to discuss how this would work.



Trainer of Trainers Seminar - two days

This is for educators who have been using our assessment and have tested a minimum of 15 students. We will share the experiences we have had when assessing students. This is a second level training and is intended to prepare your staff to train other educators in your school or district in how to successfully use the See it Right! materials. Materials included: Complete assessment manual with one set of colors, 86-minute training tape, 12 minute Awareness video, along with an excerpted version of each of these tapes to use in your trainings, CD with Power Point training presentations, as well as masters of all other handouts for your trainings.



Consulting Fees

Ultimately, costs are determined by the type of service you need. Our daily consulting rate is $2,000. The materials needed by your staff and students will be decided with the school staff. Additional charges for travel (airfare or mileage) and hotel costs.




Workshops are given by Dorothy Henson-Parker, a Licensed Educational Psychologist, and by Romy Sperling, a Resource Specialist for Los Angeles USD, and /or consultants who are experienced and trained educators who have used the See it Right!® assessment successfully with students for years.




The training and assessment materials for the six-hour seminar are contained in the Short Form Assessment Kit. Each participant will need a set of these materials for the training and for the testing of students. (Short Form Assessment Kit is discounted to the schools for those being trained. Regular cost $225, cost with workshop $190 per kit.)

Materials for the Group Assessment training need to be discussed with the individual agency personnel since the training is tailored to the school's needs. These include a minimum of 6 Color Sets, individual colors for those who will need them for use in the classroom, and an assessment packet of materials for the team who will be doing the screening.


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