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    Results Reported by Educators

    University Professor | Lab Instructor | Occupational Therapist | Elementary Teacher

    Dr. Marianne Everett is a visiting lecturer at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Senior Faculty at Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA, and Faculty at the National Institute for Teaching Excellence, Cambridge, MA. She teaches Masters level classes.
    Dr. Everett reported the following:

    "I'm always recommending your materials. I think your work is wonderful. Your interview materials are the best questions I have found because they go right to the heart of what is happening for a student, as he looks at a page of print. Also, you have worked out a comprehensive screening program for light sensitivity. Your program is an excellent diagnostic tool. I've seen it help both children and adults who are struggling readers and writers."

    Lori Nelson was a Prevocational/Learning Lab Instructor at the STAR Center (Special Technology Access resource Center) in Jackson, Tennessee, when she tested "Peter." Lori has since moved to another position in this same center, however, and sent us this account to show how color was working for students she evaluated.

    When Peter came in for his educational screening he was in the 6th grade. However, his reading level was approximately on a 1st grade level. After an initial reading test, it was decided by the evaluator that a See it Right! screening should be done.

    When Peter was asked questions about how he feels when he reads, he stated that his "eyes and head hurt after reading for a little while." He also stated that words sometimes look like they are moving, doubled, backwards, or upside down. He said that the words sometimes seem to have no space between them and they sometimes move on the page. "The lines move up while I'm reading and then they get mixed together," stated Peter.

    When reading to the evaluator, Peter used his finger to keep his place, read very slowly and hesitantly, and moved the book up and down. His mother states that she often finds him reading in his bedroom with his book off the far side of his desk,(away from the lamp). When asked why he was holding the book there, he stated that it was "easier to see it."

    Once Peter started looking at the print of his reader through the colored overlays, his eyes lit up. "Wow!" he stated. "I can see it!" He carefully examined the print through all 24 overlays and finally chose True Red (color # 23). He was very excited to order it and start using it at home and school.

    Anne Cottle is an Occupational Therapist in Houlton, Maine. She wrote:

    "I attended your workshop in Hartford on Fri. I wanted to let you know that I did the evaluation with a third grade student today and gave her an overlay to use. The results were so remarkable that there were three teachers in the room, familiar with the child, with tears in their eyes. The child commented, " This takes care of all my problems. " with the teacher stating, " I don't think she will need to come to special ed. anymore" Absolutely remarkable!

    Thank You. Anne Cottle, OTR/L

    Chuck Kenison, a teacher in Virginia Beach, Virginia, wrote to us and said, "Several years ago I began using your wonderful filters to help some of my disadvantaged 4th grade students. The results were absolutely outstanding in most cases."

    Chuck also noted that he'd developed insightful summaries of some of his successes over the past five years.

    Chuck sent the following examples in the format presented and gave consent to publish the results for you to see:

    Student Summary #1
    Charity - A fourth grade girl

    Excerpts from the (Step 2) Interview . . .
    Charity reported:

    • "Sometimes the first letter of a word disappears!" (Mr. Kenison asked, "What do you do when that happens?") She replied, "I keep looking real hard until it comes back!"
    • "Sometimes the words go to other places. That's why I have so much trouble with mad minutes (a math activity) The numbers move around on the sheet!"
    • "Sometimes the words get too close together on the page! Sometimes the width of the page gets wider and narrower as I read."

    Upon first use of the filter:

    • Reading speed: Doubled!
    • Reading accuracy: from 95% to 97%
    • Reading fluency: from D to C
    • Self-corrections: from 2 to 0

    Student Summary #2
    Patrick - A fourth grade Boy
    Excerpts from the (Step 2) Interview Patrick reported:

    • "Sometimes, the words move when I read!" (Mr. Kenison asked, "What do you mean?") "Some words move above the line. Some move below it!"
    • "Sometimes the letters spread out so far, it's hard to figure out the words!"
    • "Sometimes, the letters flip so it's hard to figure out the word!" (Mr. Kenison asked,
    • "What do you do when these things happen?") Patrick replied, "I look away for awhile and come back. They are usually okay for a while!"

    Upon first use of the filter:

    • Reading speed: tripled!
    • Reading accuracy: from 88% to 100%
    • Reading fluency: from D to B

    Even though he had been getting D's, he scored a 100% on the next major reading test and ended up earning B's in reading from that point on!

    NOTE: His dad borrowed the student's filter one night and politely asked for one of his own!

    Student Summary #3
    KAREN - A fourth grade GIRL
    Excerpts from the (Step 2) Interview:
    • Karen responded, "No" to every question in the structured interview. She felt that none of these things were happening to her! (However, I had been noting that she hesitated too often, and sometimes hurriedly substituted words that didn't fit the context.)
    NOTE: Mr. Kenison continued and did the Color Testing (Step 3) due to his observations.

    Upon first use of the filter:

    • Reading speed: Doubled!
    • Reading accuracy: from 92% to 96%
    • Reading fluency: from D to C
    • Self-corrections: from 8 to 3 (but these were habit!)
    • Very long pauses: from 8 to 1

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