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In their own words, students share what colors did for them.

Credit for video clips goes to: Theresa Helm, Title 1 Coordinator, Springport Elementary School, Springport, MI. These are all students she has worked with in her programs.

Jaclyn's Testimonial
Jaclyn reports that "words get mixed up" and much more. Hear what color
does for her.
Madison's Story
Madison says that "words move" and more. Hear how color changes the
print for her.
Taylor's Life Changed
Taylor wears glasses and uses color also. She says that color "practically changed my life". Hear her tell you why.
Sam's Story
Samantha was the homecoming queen and a star athlete in both softball and
basketball. She reports how color helps her get better test scores!
Michael's Testimonial
Michael says "words are hard to understand" without color. How does color change that? He will tell you.

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