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Complete Assessment Kit

  • Complete Testing Manual 2013 Edition
    (275 pgs. re: assessment techniques, student examples)
  • 2 Sets of 21 NRSI Colors
  • Supplies for student use
    (84 pieces size 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - cut and numbered )
  • Awareness and Training DVD’s
  • Forms packet
  • Holders
  • Overhead/computer set
  • Plastic carrying case
complete assessment kit $465.00

Complete Testing Manual with 2 Sets of Colors

  • Awareness and Training DVD’s
  • Overhead/computer set
  • Canvas carrying bag
complete testing manual $ 238.00

Short Form Assessment Kit

  • Short Form Assessment manual (100+ pages of basic assessment instructions, novel techniques, and reproducible forms.)
  • 1 Set of NRSI colors for testing
  • 5 full-size color sheets for use on
    classroom projector, tablet or computer
  • Training DVD (86 min.)
  • Research

    All in a yellow transparent carrying case.
short form assessment kit $ 189.00

Demo Kit

  • A 20 page booklet of beginning instructions
    and examples of student results
  • 21 sample-sized NRSI colors
    (5 1/2 X 2 7/8)
  • Research and quotes from educators
  • Awareness DVD (15 min.)

    NOTE: This is an introductory kit; not meant for complete assessment of students.

$ 55.00

Training DVD

  • Demonstrates the step-by-step assessment.
  • Experienced teachers and the author show how to get the best results using the novel techniques of this classwork-based assessment.
  • Good training vehicle for your staff or individual teachers. Can be shown in parts.

    Running TIme: 86 minutes
$ 89.00

Awareness DVD
  • Summary of what can be accomplished using color.
  • Student examples, comments and results

    Running TIme: 15 minutes
$ 20.00

Complete Testing Manual

Complete Testing Manual 2013 Edition
(275 pgs. re: assessment techniques, student examples)

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$ 120.00

Short Form Assessment Manual

100+ pages of basic assessment instructions, novel techniques, and reproducible forms.

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$ 89.00

1 Set of 21 NRSI Colors
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$ 59.00

Variety Pak
(1 each of 21 NRSI colors, 8 1/2 x 11)

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$ 89.00

Complete Replacement Set of Colors for kit
cut and numbered (4 each of 21 NRSI colors / 84 pieces)

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$ 210.00

Overhead/Computer Set
(5 whole report cover sheets - 5 colors)

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$ 10.00

40 Holders
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$ 20.00

Magnifying Bar Bausch and Lomb 5 inches plus handle,
1/2 circle bar
$ 6.50


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